My name is Lindsey Hewitt and I am the Owner and Master Cupcake Artist behind Bada Bling Cupcakes.
Glitter, glam, and a 'lil rock 'n' roll is what we're all about! I'm an Arizona native that has lived in the East Valley most of my life.  I currently live in Gilbert with my amazing family that helps me in every aspect of running this business. Who are they? My handsome husband, 2 wonderfully amazing kids, and our sweet German Shepherd, (okay, the pooch isn't allowed to go anywhere near the kitchen). 

I love all things girly (ahh, pedicures!) but there is nothing better than riding street bikes, stopping pucks on the ice, or off-roading in the dunes with my tribe.  Fun over Fear, live your best life!

I love a good cupcake but have never enjoyed the "frosting-so-sweet-your-teeth-ache" experience. So, I made it my mission to develop the perfect cake and even more amazing frosting (it's what we are known for!).
My sweets started off as fun gifts to give for birthdays over 11 years ago, but when people started paying me for what was a fun way to express my creativity, I knew I had found a little piece of happiness!  With the help and support of my amazing family and friends, Bada Bling has grown by leaps and bounds.  We can't wait for you to try us out!